Sunday, February 15, 2009

Skiing for the first time in 2 years

This weekend Amber, myself and several of our friends went skiing to Snowshoe Mountain for a weekend of skiing. Kate and Michael put together the trip and arranged for lodging in a very nice cabin at the top of the mountain. They invited us and 4 of their other friends, Gill and Jeremy, and Marty and Dave.

Although we were worried about the ski conditions, it turned out to be fantastic (at least the first day). The weather had been very cold at the beginning of the year, then it turned really warm for a few weeks. We were expecting to have very slushy conditions and earlier in the week only about half of the slopes were open. Since it was Valentine's day weekend, they apparently opened up all their slopes and although it was just above freezing, conditions were fantastic. No ice, no slush, just snow. We skied all day Saturday, then went to the local pool and relaxed in the hot tub for a while. After that it was off to the house for dinner and games. We played Apples for Apples, which was a very fun game that really teaches you a lot about the personalities of people you're playing with. It was great to get to know Kate and Michael's friends whom we had just met for the first time.

The second day wasn't nearly as good as the temperatures dropped significantly and the semi-slushy snow turned to ice. Not much fun but we got in another good day of skiing that will hold us over until next time.

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